Pride festivals have become a worldwide phenomenon celebrating equality… To me it means more than that, seeing so many people coming together turns it into a celebration of happiness. When seeing a parade you can’t help but smile, laugh, take pictures, sing and dance along to the music.

The pride festival in Prague was no exception. I was fortunate to be able to buy a flag and follow the parade through the streets while singing and dancing (and maybe drinking a beer😋). I think days like these are so important, to raise awareness, to let people share their views and beliefs and all come together and have one big… party.





Participating in events such as this remind me why I called my blog Shiri Sunshine, even now as I write and reflect I cannot help but smile😊😊.  This day was made even more special because I was “marching” and participating for a cause I believe in, a cause that instead of creating protests… created this. An annual event that tourists and locals come to see and join in. Some like me wave or wear a flag, others… get more into it 😂 .  Which I think is beautiful.


Participating in an event like this truly makes me proud, and in my eyes is right in being called…. a Pride Parade.Rainbow Flag on Apple Rainbow Flag on Apple Rainbow Flag on Apple


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