For a few years now I have realised that there will always be people who will do the bare minimum, and those who will put more effort in, “go the extra mile” so to speak.. My parents were the latter. Since I was a little girl my parents always made my birthday a big deal. Not in the sense of lavish gifts but something more simple and to me… more memorable. One year I woke up with balloons covering my bedroom floor and ceiling, they had woken up at dawn that day to blow all those balloons up🎈🎈.  Another year I woke up to an elaborate treasure hunt leading me all around the house…

Growing up in that kind of warm environment has turned me into a similar kind of person. This year my boyfriend was away for a bit before his birthday, so a few days before I got some photos of us printed and created a treasure hunt for him around our uni dorm. With riddles (cause he loves them and is pretty good😅 ) as clues… Im pretty sure he enjoyed it, I mean I definitely did (Liam if you read this.. I love you xx).

But I know that not everyone was brought up in that mentality. So I often struggle with how people seem too lazy or aren’t bothered enough to do things for the person they love, or for friends, or for family.. This has most certainly been an issue in past relationships and I often find myself perplexed.. is it me that’s the problem? is it my expectations? is it the other person? 🤔  I have yet to answer any of those questions.. But I am working on it, maybe it is too much to ask to give so much and expect the same amount back.

All I can say is I am working on being the best version of myself, hopefully one day I will be able to give all that I can and be ok when someone doesn’t do the same.. But for now I am afraid I will remain perplexed.. 😣

PS: the theme song of this post is.. 500 Miles by the Proclaimers 

And don’t forget, if ever in doubt.. live your life always bright and always shining x


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