A problem that I often find myself in is being “too emotional” or overreacting and overthinking. I believe that if someone tends to overthink a situation then there is a reason behind it, whether its doubts or past experiences…

From a young age I was the bouncy, happy, hyper child (to be honest I still am.. I get a little sugar and I literally bounce of the walls😁) But I feel that due to past situations, friendships and relationships I have grown to be someone who can be insecure and doubtful and yet somehow retain my hypernessness (that is how I spell it😜). Today I have trouble not overthinking and assuming the worst.. (and you know what they say about “assume”)

Trying to remain positive at times and it is a struggle, and if anyone who is going through anything like this, I would surround myself with people that love me. That can be there and talk you out of the “pit of thoughts” that you have dug yourself into and give you a hug once you surface again.

The way I deal with it is by distraction, plain and simple. A TV show, a movie, music, a book.. Sometimes I’ll scroll through Facebook and read weird facts like did you know.. ducks have a corkscrew penis… or there are almost 7000 languages existing today. Its important to find a balance its not bad to overthink or react “emotionally” to a situation, it’s just good to know where it can make you feel better or worse. You have to find an emotional balance within yourself and with other people.(This is something I am currently working on). My friends know I can get worked up and buried in my own thoughts or overreact where it isn’t needed..

Despite saying that I live life shiny and bright and in the sunshine, there are always going to be cloudy days and this is mine. Me getting off my cloud of bubbles and rainbows and coming down to Earth. But to end on a positive note I will now ascend back onto my cloud. ☁️☁️☁️

giphy (2)
This video always makes me feel better.
To watch full video click here


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