It’s nearly half way through the summer and I can’t help but feeling a little… bored. Most of my friends are away and most of my days are spent either working or binging on waaay too many TV shows.

The irony of this post is I’m hoping to take my own advice, so this is it.. my top 10 things to do when bored (and alone):

  1. Find a new playlist to listen to🎶 – personally I love Spotify, I can choose already made playlists for any mood, genre or decade. 
  2. Read a book – finally getting around to reading that book you were meaning to, or if you are looking for ideas I personally recommend Goodreads.
  3. Watch a TV series – (this is something I’m good at) Catch up on missed episodes, or rewatch old favourites or go looking for new hits.
  4. Go for a walk/take a trip – A change of scenery never hurts. I happen to live next to a beautiful forest and often take walks to the lake if I need a breath of fresh air.
  5. Take up a new hobby, or practice old ones – learn a new instrument, or a language, pick up a camera and snap some pics… there are endless possibilities!
  6. Reach out to old friends – with the glorious invention of Facebook most us probably have friends we don’t really talk to anymore, reach out, who knows what could happen…
  7. Start a new project – Personally I’m a DIY freak, I have made multiple changes to my room, which include a tree silhouette painted on my wall, new shelves and a scrapbook. All in the name of DIY!
  8. Try new recipes 🍳 – if you have a passion for food (like I do) or for cooking, there are loads of recipes to try out! Experimentation never hurts (but make sure to be safe and read instructions carefully)
  9. Be Social! – if you live at home, go spend time with mom and dad or siblings, or a neighbour.
  10. Study 📖 – honestly I would only do this if all else fails or if I get one of my weird “study moods”.. If you happen to be going back to school/university in a few months it wouldn’t hurt to do some extra prep.. would it? 😕

Hopefully this has helped, I have to confess this was just as much for me as it was for you.. xx


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