Growing up in a “short” family I always joked that from the second I was born I had zero chance of being tall or even average height. At home it was never an issue, there was always the short jokes… I would ask my mom to help me reach the top shelf, but she couldn’t either.. Being short was a given.

School was a different story.. At first it was cute, I was the small one, the adorable kid but as I grew (ish..) it became almost weirder and weirder. When meeting new people the first comment out of their mouth would be “wow you’re so short!”, and I just had to act as if it didn’t affect me. But it sort of did. As soon as I was old enough I started wearing the tallest heels I could get away with (we had a strict dress code at school). Every day and everywhere, and my feet would ache and so would my back..

It took me a long time to coming remotely close to accepting my height. It was in my last 2 years of school that I started wearing flats to school. Over time I came to accept that I would always be “the little one”, “the short one”, the “wow you’re so short” one. And it took me even longer to be ok with it.. Now I am able to joke about my height (especially seeing jokes on Facebook about short girls), ask for help when I need to reach the top shelf of the cupboard, or the top shelf at the supermarket. My height was one of my biggest insecurities and like any other I had to learn to embrace it no matter what people thought or said. It took forever before I could laugh about all the (now)funny stories about my height. Like standing next to 14 year olds and look like I fit in. Or getting ID’d to buy scissors or having to bring my tall friend with me to the Laundromat to take my washing out of the dryer because I couldn’t reach.

But even after all this I don’t know if I can say that I am 100% ok with my height.. I can’t say that hearing “wow you’re so short” will ever be 100% ok or knowing that one of my main identifiers is “the short girl”. So I guess the answer to my own question, “Is height just a number”, is; your height can be just a number if you make it one. There is nothing wrong with any size, its how you deal and embrace it that counts. Personally I laugh about it.. a lot 😂. I have learned to accept that my height makes me unique, makes me stand out in the crowd.. even if you can’t see me. 

So for all those girls and guys that consider themselves “the short/small/little one” all I can say to you is that.. it doesn’t have to be a bad thing or something to try and hide or be ashamed of, it’s a big part of who you are. My two pieces of advice is try to see it as positive trait, something to laugh about and be confident about. My second piece of advice is always have a tall friend on hand to help with those pesky top-shelves 😉.




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